Monday, November 14, 2011

This n That

My 50 movie deadline is December 21st, and it's coming up fast. At the rate I'm going it is going to be a photo finish but I'm confident that I will get them done in time. Unfortunately, there may be some more posts like today's, where I cram in a group of movies in one post just to get caught up. I'll try not to do it, but it might happen.

I found out today that thrift stores are good places to look for Disney movies. I love Hawaiian shirts, but it's hard to find them in the 3xl required to support my ample frame, so I cruise thrift stores looking for shirts on the cheap with varying amounts of success. I was at the local Goodwill and I found Fun and Fancy Free, Make Mine Music and Melody Time on VHS. I got them all for less than $5.

Lastly, I drove up to Universal Orlando this weekend for the Harry Potter event, which was great, and I was able to listen to a couple of CD's from Gabriel Iglesias that I got from a friend. I already loved his specials and his new show on Comedy Central, but the CD's, We Luv Fluffy, was a riot. The wife and I were nearly wetting ourselves the whole trip because of these CD's. So I was thinking that I would love to see him in person so I sent a tweet (from the official 100daysofdisney twitter account) asking him to do some Florida shows and now he is following me on twitter... My first famous person, now I feel obligated to be funny, or at least coherent in these posts. Anyway check out Gabriels website

I just checked out and saw that Gabriel will be in Tampa on 4/27/12 and he is doing a Grad Nite show... I would totally look like some sort of stalker if I went, Grad Nites are not the place for 37 year of fat guys! Looks like I'll have to start some sort of letter writing campaign to get him to do a real show in Florida. Maybe we can get him to do a show in Orlando and make this somewhat Disney related.

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