Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day Thirteen - Cinderella

Movie: Cinderella
Released: March 4, 1950
Formats Released: 2 VHS, 1 Laserdisc, 1 DVD
Format Watched: Platinum Edition DVD
Watched With: Woody, Belle and Mike
Snacks: Microwave Popcorn, Sprite Zero and Diet Barqs

This was an interesting movie for me to watch. I have the movie on VHS and DVD, bought when the movies came out and I had never opened them, so it has been awhile since I have seen it.

This movie came at a time for the studio when they were still recovering from the war effort. Disney Studios had been basically taken over by the War Department to make propaganda for WWII and it nearly bankrupted the studio. After the war Disney was only able to make compilation films, ones that consisted of smaller cartoons merged into a feature length movie. These movies were not exactly cash cows for the studio and Disney was looking to break free from them and they were putting their money on Cinderella. The movie was the first real, big hit since Snow White and it set the stage for the movies to follow for the next 30 years, the period that is commonly called Disney's "Golden Age".

My Thoughts on the Film:

I really enjoyed this film. It was a nice light film that echoed Snow White a little. The story was based on a common fairy tale so most people knew the major plot points of the film but Disney was able to throw a few surprises into the mix. When you look at it, the story line with the mice and cat almost was as prominent as the main story featuring Cinderella. The mice actually are the hero's of the film, since they saved Cinderella from her "prison" so she could be with the Prince.

The crispness of the animation was wonderful along with the colors and backgrounds. Some of that might have to do with the digital restoration, but everything just popped! The colors they used were bright, with each character basically getting their own color. The backgrounds were oil paint on gelce but they still had a watercolor feel to them.

My Favorite Part of the Film:

No one scene really stood out to me as my favorite but I did enjoy the scenes with the king and the baron.

Things I never Noticed Before: (Which was most of the film!)

- Some of the birds were wearing vests, which must have made flying difficult
- Cinderella had to clime a lot of stairs to get to her room
- During the floor cleaning scene some of the bubbles form a Mickey head
- The wheels on her carriage do not turn
- If the clock at the house is to be believed, Cinderella had only 3 hours at the ball

Final Thoughts:

I have to admit I like this version rather than one of the older versions, where the step-sisters cut off their toes to try and get their feet in the slipper. That might have been too dark for a Disney film. The film was a little dark with the way her step family treated her but it worked out ok. This film was one of the first films to include the talents of all nine of the "Nine Old Men", who would go on to shape Disney animation until the 1990's, so it was an important event.

My original feelings on this film might have be effected by my male-ness. It was a princess film and while in my late teens - late 20's I was not interested in girly films so I just ignored it. After Snow White and Sleeping Beauty and now this film I'm getting a new appreciation for princess films and that should help for all the princess films of the 1990's.

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